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a million falling leaves by Feathersun
a million falling leaves
He matches the blanket's pretty much meant to be.
autumn tea + blankets by Feathersun
autumn tea + blankets
I'm modeling some gorgeous knit stuff for someone, and in the bags of stuff she dropped off for me was this blanket that is just s t u n n i n g. Our cat decided that maybe he should also participate in the photo shoot, and it kind of just turned into a photographed cuddle session...

...we might have had a nap on the couch with this blanket afterward...
tailored by Feathersun
random title is entirely random...just felt like it fit somehow.
Taken yesterday while I was at band...we were waiting for someone and there was a flowering bush in the backyard, so I braided some flowers into my hair and then took a bunch of pictures...
set fire by Feathersun
set fire
*sigh* pictures like this where my hair looks so orange looking just make me so happy...


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The Storm Is Coming... But I -
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
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  • Listening to: The fridge whirring...
  • Reading: Bad vampire novels
  • Eating: I'm about to make spaghetti.

The Basics...
01. Full name: IfyouaskmeagainIwillattackyouwithweasels.
02. Age: Between 0-777777777777774777777.
03. Birth Date: Sometime within the year. 
04. Birth Place: Earth. Maybe.
05. Gender: strawberry.
06. Occupation: Loving being unemployed. 
07. Height: I'm not 100% sure, but around 5'7"...if I got that right...
08. Eye Colour: It changes. Seriously. Generally between green and blue-ish it'll be grey, though it depends on what I'm wearing and the weather and if there are florescent lights.
09. sexual orientation: *hands out strawberries, muttering about stupid personal questions that no one should care about*
10. Tattoos/piercings?: Nope. I am the most boringest person ever.
11. Hair Colour: Strawberry blond. However, under florescent lighting it takes on a definitive green colour. *facepalm*
12. Currently Living: lol, I am with inlovewithyourshadow. Not currently residing on earth. I am a higher being, controlling your minds.

13. Food: Pizza, ice-cream, chocolate, lasagna, and apple cake.
14. Drink: hot chocolate in the winter, also peppermint tea, also water. And lemonade. 
15. Band/Singer: Lily & Madeleine, Christina Perri, Vanessa Carlton, Ingrid Michaelson, Red, Nina Nesbitt, Lindsey Sterling, Lucia, Birdy, Taylor Swift, The Civil Wars, Regina Spektor and too many others to list. 
16. Song: Currently totally loving the songs 'The Wolf If Free' by Lily & Madeleine, and also 'Hold Me' covered by Lucia. 
17. Movie: I just want to see Lucy in the theaters last night, and it was pretty incredible. But I couldn't give a favourite movie...there are too many!
18. TV Show: Psych. 
19. Book: The Fault in Our Stars, Percy Jackson everything, Divergent, Twilight, The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. And other stuff. 
20. Colour: Purple. Also all autumn-y colours. Also stars. 

Do you prefer...
21. Coke or Pepsi?: I despise both.
22. Anime or Disney: See above.
23. Guys or Girls?: I'm with inlovewithyourshadow on this one: people who don't care.
24. Lips or Eyes?:
25. Kisses or Hugs?: I am nooooot a person person. I do not want people to touch me. GO AWAY GO AWAY GO AWAY OR I SHALL SMACK YOU WITH MY FRYING PAN! But if I had to choose, probably hugs. 
26. Eating or Drinking?: Food. I could not live without pizza. 
27. Novels or Comics?: Novels all the way!
28. Silence or Noise?: I like silence so that I can make noise...
29. Outdoors or Indoors?: Depends...normally it's raining and I don't really love that a whole lot from the outside, but if it's nice then the outside is the best.
30. Camera or Cellphone?: Why on earth would you want to have a cellphone when you could be taking pictures of the people instead of talking to them? This is a nobrianer. 
31. TV or Computer?: Computer.
32. Night or Day?: STARS!

33. Why did you choose your username?: Because I was young and naive. 
34. Something you can't live without: music...I like, literally go crazy without it.
35. What is your most popular deviation: 
36. Look to your left. What is the first thing you see?: Umm, my bag sitting on the table? My hat, two sweaters, rocks on the window sill, neighbors house out the window....
37. Now to your right: Table, chairs, wall, dog bed, poppy paintings on the wall.
38. Can you drive?: *dies* going for driving test tomorrow to get my N....

The last...
39. Person you saw: my mom.
40. Person you hugged: Does my dog count? If not, probably also my mom.
41. Movie you watched: Lucy. It was amazing. 
42. Song you listened to: Like, a recorded version? "Kiss Me Slowly" by Parachute. The last thing I actually heard was of my own creation on the piano this morning. 
43. Book you read: Promise you wont attack me like a crazy person? I just re-read Eclipse. Currently re-reading it again...
44. Thing you ate/drank: Clay water. It's not as weird as it sounds. 
45. Time you cried and why: Two days ago....I think. Because I was freaking stressed out about the stupid driving test. 
46. Time you laughed and why: a couple minutes ago, looking at some photos a relative sent me...
47. Time you went out: Yesterday to practice driving.

The first...
48. Person you dated: HahaI'msoboringnooneever.
49. Person you kissed: See above. 
50. Crush you had: Book character. 
51. Thing you think about when you wake up: Ohmygoshwhattimeisit?doIhavetogetuporcanIsleep?WellconsideringIdon'thaveaclockI'mjustgoingtosayit'stooearlyandgobacktosleep. Then: OHshit. It's ten already?!
52. Best friend you ever had: All my best friends have been radically different...I'm not sure I could compare them. That said, there are a couple people who have defined my definition of 'best friend'. That said, if we're not strictly talking about people there was this one horse that totally wins out over every other living creature. That said, if we're not talking about living creatures ohmygoshmostcertainlymypiano. IT NEVER LEAVES! It is always there! IN THE SAME SPOT! DOING THE SAME THING ALL DAY LONG! What is not to love?
53. School you went to: The school of ME. And also took a single course at the local highschool.
54. Big vacation you went on: Going camping for a couple weeks at a new place far away form my house.
55. Award you got: ribbons from when I was little. 

Have you ever...
56. Broken the law: I'm not sure it's in my best interest to tell you...
57. Been arrested: Nope.
58. Had a hangover: Um, no. Alcohol. Ick. 
59. Been in hospital: Yes. Too many times. 
60. Been in a car crash: Not anything exciting that I can think of...
61. Flown on a plane: Yep. 
62. Been on a boat: Loads of times.
63. Travelled overseas: Ummmm...that depends I suppose on how you define "seas" and is relying on my goegroephy skills. (I can't even spell it yet, it's too eaaaarly) But, come to think of it, yes.
64. Had sex: I have no idea why you would want to know the answer, but it's no waaaay.
65. Eaten pickles with peanut butter: WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!
66. Killed anyone/anything: I kind of feel the this is coming back to question #56...
67. Been to a concert: OMG YES! Taylor Swift last year and Christina Perri this year. SO AMAZING.
68. Cut yourself: By accident? Hasn't everyone?
69. Skipped school/work: Nope.
70. Broken a bone: Yes. Fractured my left wrist horse back riding. 

Deviant time...
71. Who is your closest friend on Deviant Art?: My real life friends. 
72. What is your favourite Deviation by them?: STOP TRYING TO MAKE MY CHOOSE!
73. Which deviant do you look up to/find the most inspiring?: Rona-Keller
74. What is their greatest work?: How could you ever pick just one?
75. Any favourite Deviant Art groups in mind?: Not really.
76. What is your favourite artwork by the Founder of the group?: -
77. The Co-Founder(s)?: -
78. How about the Contributors?: -
79. Who was your very first Watcher on Deviant Art?: I have no idea.
80. What is your favourite artwork by them?: I HAVE NO IDEA.
81. Have you ever had any Daily Deviations?: Sadly, no. I am not that skilled.
82. Have you ever won a contest with your artwork?: Nope.
83. Show us the first Deviation you submitted to Deviant Art: *hide face in pillow* Citrus Foal by Feathersun
84. Show us your most recent submission: .: 14 :. by Feathersun

More personal stuff...
85. Religion: FSM:… Or, you know, Greek. 
86. Social class: Um, awesome?
87. Ethnicity: Vegetariankillerninjawhoisahugefanoficecreamandpizza.
88. Languages spoken: My own person language. And also English to commune with my friends...and then body language, which I think we should use instead of english. 
89. A scar you have: Just above one of my eyebrows I have a dent in my head from when I was terrible at scratching when I got the chicken pocks as a little kid.
90. Preferred medium: Photography, music...everything else. 
91. Where is your dream holiday location?: I would really really really love to take a couple of friends to Europe. I would also really really like for said friends to pay for said vacation. 
92. What are you wearing right now?: PJ's.
93. What is the last thing you bought?: Well, I am really good at not buying things, so the last thing I bought with my own money that I can remember would be a horse. In November.
94. When did you join Deviantart?: Why do you care? I don't care, so if you care you can read my mind and go to the effort and stuff to find out yourself. All I know is that it was around two years ago, sometime in the fall I think.
95. WHY did you join?: Ummmm...because of the art? Duh? 
96. What type of membership do you have?: What does it look like?
97. Are you playing a game? Which game?: Games are evil. 
98. Are you a member of any other websites?:

The end is here!
99. Do you enjoy answering pointless questions like these ones?: Only whilst eating yummy food and being super bored.  
100. You're DONE! Now, tag 5 friends: *slaps in face*

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